Go No-Go Test

The Go No-Go Test uses a recognition reaction time paradigm to measure response inhibition.

Administration Time (in healthy volunteers): 5 Minutes

Cognitive Domain Measured: Inhibition (Executive Function)

Go No-Go Test Description

The aim of the Go No-Go test is to assess the response inhibition in a recognition reaction time paradigm. This test implements the go no-go paradigm, which requires response inhibition when one of two stimuli is presented.

The pre-test on-screen instructions state: “Select the blue circles”. The test shows one circle colored either red or blue anywhere around the screen. The subject is asked to select the circle when it is colored blue, and inhibit a response when the circle is red.

The subject should be encouraged to work as quickly and accurately as they can. For example, the subject should try not to respond before either a red or blue circle appears on the screen. If he/she makes a mistake, they will hear an error sound.

Primary Outcome measure

Unit of measurement: Log10 milliseconds

Description and interpretation of scores: Speed of performance; mean of the log10 transformed reaction times for correct responses. (Lower score = better performance)