Social-Emotional Cognition Test

The Social-Emotional Cognition Test uses an odd-man-out paradigm to measure social emotional cognition.

Administration Time (in healthy volunteers): 6 Minutes

Cognitive Domain Measured: Emotional Recognition

Social-Emotional Cognition Test Description

The pre-test on-screen instructions ask, “Tap the odd one out”. The test supervisor will read the test instructions from the script.

In this test, the subject will see a number of pictures on the screen. One of these pictures will be different to the others in some way. The subject must decide which one of the pictures is different then tap that picture as quickly as they can.

The subject should be encouraged to work as quickly and as accurately as they can after each set of pictures appears.

Primary Outcome measure

Unit of measurement: Arcsine proportion correct

Description and interpretation of scores: Accuracy of performance; arcsine transformation of the square root of the proportion of correct responses. (Higher score = better performance)